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ForeverNetworks is a digital media company that develops, markets and monetizes digital properties for the connected generation.

"I started this company with a view to building digital properies that aren't completely disconnected from the connected generation."
Pradeep Rajadas
Pradeep Rajadas

Content. Technology. Marketing.

It’s not enough to have great content. It’s important that marketing be applied to your content; and today, technology is as much “marketing” as anything else.

Don't design for robots.

Our businesses are always well thouht out. We build companies that are human-centric but operate at scale. 

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From the Billion-people market.

From where we’re sitting, “Scale” is the way we think about life in general. We build for the world, from India.

We build because we see a problem; and desperately want a solution. is a social media and digital marketing company founded in 2013. We have served over 100 clients over the yearsm and know social like it is the back of our hand.

SocialSEO Agency

We're building a cutting-edge content company based in Arizona, USA. We have a proprietary content management system, and world-class content writers to handle your business at scale.


Our charity-wing; dedicated to the collection of Christian music lyrics on the internet.


We built (and sold) Hungryforever a leading food blog with over 1 million monthly pageviews. We cover recipes, chefs, interviews, restaurants and food news.

Sociall Netherlands

We're working with local partners in the Netherlands to build a digital marketing agency with all the cost benefits of outsourcing to India; and the effectiveness of a local office.

VGP Real Estate

Monetizing a 100-million dollar real estate holding in the South of India by partnering with global brands.

Fear of Missing out?

It has never been more important to lay the foundation that will change the world.

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